Security – Each apartment will be provided with a monitored access control and alarm system. A voice entry phone system to the main entrance will also be provided. The main podium entrance, lifts, atria and car park will be provided with CCTV surveillance.

Kitchen – Each apartment will be designed with provision for a modern kitchen. The apartments will not be sold with a fitted kitchen.

Bathroom – Dependent on the size of the apartments, bathrooms and/or shower rooms will be provided. These areas will be partly tiled and fitted with good quality sanitary ware and fittings.

Ventilation and air conditioning – Each apartment will be provided with a facility to connect, at the purchasers’ costs, a future heat pump installation which could provide both heating and cooling to the apartment. Details of available systems will be separately provided within a future sales publication. Mechanical extract ventilation will be provided to the kitchen and bathroom areas.

Water heater – Each apartment will be provided with a high efficiency, low energy self-contained water heater. Capacity of each system will vary depending on the size of the apartment. Water heaters will be located within the utility room.

Metering – Smart meters will be provided to record potable water and electricity usage for each apartment.

Glazing and Building Fabric – High quality double glazed windows and balcony doors will be provided. Specifications will include high level solar, thermal and acoustic performance. Building fabric will be to the highest quality and designed for good thermal performance and efficiency.

Flooring – External balconies will be tiled. All other areas will be provided with a screed finish in preparation to receive purchasers’ flooring.

Common Services – Each block will be provided with an impressive entrance foyer, with an enclosed atrium being the focal point of each floor. High speed lifts will be provided to serve all floors for the development including podium parking. A separate larger goods lift will be provided for each block.

Fire Safety – The development will be designed to a high standard of fire engineering and life safety. Each apartment will be equipped with a sprinkler and smoke detection system. Dual Fire escape and firefighting lifts will be provided to each block.

Alterations to scheme – The developer reserves the right to alter any aspects of the layout or conceptual specifications of the apartments and common areas.

Management and maintenance – The management and upkeep of the estate will be undertaken by a management company whose members will be the purchasers of each and every apartment. A service charge will be payable to the management company to cover the costs of running the estate and the common parts of the development.

Energy efficiency – A series of environmentally friendly measures will be introduced to reduce energy consumption. Amongst these will be low-energy water heaters and energy saving LED light fittings. At the time of going to print, rainwater harvesting, grey water re-use, wind and solar power systems are being assessed.